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3 years ago

2018 Hanbok Culture Week celebrates the beauty of Hanbok nationwide for a week

Arirang News
Arirang News
The 2018 Hanbok Culture Week kicked off with a Hanbok fashion show on Monday.
This year’s festival will be held for a week nationwide, with a variety of Hanbok related events.
Kim Da-mi headed to the southwestern city of Jeonju to find out more.

The vibrant colors and elegant patterns of Hanbok, traditional Korean clothing, brighten up the city of Jeonju in Jeollabuk-do Province.
The 2018 Hanbok Culture Week, previously known as “Hanbok Day,” celebrates the beauty of the country’s traditional attire, which dates back to the Gojoseon Dynasty.
This year’s fashion show commemorates the late Hanbok designer Lee Young-hee who dedicated her life to modernizing and spreading the traditional attire.

"I'm from Jeonju and heard that it's Hanbok Culture Week and my daughter loves wearing Hanbok so we came to the festival
right after she finished school for the day"

"I feel like a princess"

"It's comfortable, it's just like wearing ordinary clothes. Other countries' traditional clothes are hard to wear, but the Korean one is very easy to wear."

The week-long festival, themed 'Hanbok as everyday, everyday as Hanbok, encourages Koreans and foreigners around the country to enjoy Hanbok.
Ten other cities, including Suncheon, Daegu and Cheongju, will see extravagant Hanbok fashion shows, exhibitions and performances such as flashmobs.

In addition, visitors wearing Hanbok can enjoy museums, art galleries and tourist attractions for free or at a great discount for the next six days.

"This Hanbok culture week may also be a good time to invest in a set of traditional Korean clothing, as more than 500 Hanbok businesses and traditional markets are offering hefty discounts.

KIM Da-mi, Arirang News, Jeonju."

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