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3 years ago

Bee swarm invades hot dog stand in New York's Times Square

Arirang News
Arirang News
There's been a bit of a buzz in New York's Times Square as a swarm of bees invaded a hot dog stand, forcing authorities to cordon off the nearby area.
The bee swarm instantly became the main attraction at the Manhattan tourist destination, with hundreds lining up, though at a distance, to take a photo or video.

"Literally, the craziest thing I've seen. And I'm allergic to bees, so I want to see it, but keep my distance away from it…"
"It's fantastic that it should develop here in an atmosphere like this."
"It's a bit scary. It's scary. What's it doing in the middle of town? I mean they can't really produce any honey up there, so we are in trouble."

Eventually, a beekeeper did arrive on the scene to suck up the bees with a special vacuum.
It wasn't immediately clear where the bees came from or if anyone was stung.

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