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Landscape Quilting from a Beginner's Perspective (Part 2 of 3) - Sewing with Nancy

Sewing with Nancy
Learn to create a garden scene in fabric with this easy landscape quilting process for beginners. Natalie Sewell, landscape quilt artist, and Nancy Zieman create beautiful foliage, groundcover, and floral accents in their landscape quilt designs—learn the easy process in this program from a beginner’s perspective.

Nancy & Natalie guide you in choosing fabric, cutting, clustering, highlighting, adding dimension for beautiful detail in your quilt garden.

►►► Key Points in this VIDEO Tutorial (Beginning Landscape Quilting Part 2 of 3) ◄◄◄

① Creating floral beds, ground cover and foliage scenes.

② Review of fabric selection and how fabrics may work with landscape quilting.

③ The importance of scale in the fabric.

④ Shaping and preparing various foliage from gardens to trees.

⑤ Choosing floral and non-floral fabrics, modifying the size and style of a bloom, cutting, and gluing.

⑥ Cutting technique for distant and close-up foliage.

⑦ Adding tree parts like branches by using fabrics or highlighting them in with markers.

⑧ Nancy's Corner segment features Catrina Sparkman—playwright, novelist and quilter.

→ Catrina tells a unique story of a modern-day quilting bee that brought six strangers together and how they learned new techniques while sharing history and love of family.

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Order the "Beginning Landscape Quilting" sewing pattern book directly from Sewing with Nancy at Nancy's Notions for $14.99 at http://www.nancysnotions.com/product/beginning+landscape+quilting+book.do

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►►Information on "Beginning Landscape Quilting" Book◄◄

① Take a simple step-by-step approach to landscape quilting as Nancy and Natalie guide you through eight wall hangings ideal for a beginner.

② You don't need templates, patterns, or many tools—select your own photograph, fabrics, and a few sewing basics and let Nancy and Natalie teach you their favorite user friendly techniques.

③ Use fabric as paint, and your scissor as your paintbrush to capture nature in a wall hanging.

④ Learn to make dramatic trees with an easy raw-edge applique technique.

⑤ Create simple foliage with a new simplified design process for landscape quilting.

⑥ Learn to create trees, leaves, ground cover, flowers, and more for all four seasons by simply choosing motifs from landscape fabrics.

⑦ The eight projects include:

→ Old Friends (summer scene): Learn how create summer trees with depth and shape, add realistic branches, and how to improvise when you can't find the exact leaf fabric.

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