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Learn how to make Cabin Fever Quilts Amazingly and Easy (Part 1 of 2) - Sewing with Nancy

Sewing with Nancy
Learn how to make cabin fever quilts both amazingly and easily on this episode of Sewing with Nancy. Discover tricks of modern quilting inspired by the traditional Log Cabin block. You might think that Log Cabin quilt blocks are very predictable—red center block with dark fabric strips added to one side and light strips added to the other.

Nancy Zieman and guest Natalia Bonner, a modern quilt designer helps you discover that with an unconventional approach the expected turns imaginative!

►►► Key Points in this VIDEO Tutorial (Cabin Fever Quilts Part 1 of 2) ◄◄◄

① Nancy's guest, Natalia Bonner, shows how she puts her spin on log cabin blocks, by using dramatic color and sleek lines Natalia demonstrates how she streamlined the process of piecing the blocks and demonstrates how they are put together.

② Downtown Cabins:

→ Uses solid colors, cut into strips, to spice up add a print.

→ It is made from large pieces sews together quickly.

→ Great beginner project.

③ Dilation:

→ Has a fun twist but yet stunning.

→ Large pieces and simple construction.

→ Great beginner project.

④ Dazzle Quilt uses your favorite scraps or using a fat quarter bundle.

→ Fabric choices is the key, make sure it has a lot of contrast between the light and dark fabrics to make the pattern pop.

⑤ Outstretched Quilt:

→ Has a bit of an optical illusion.

→ The elongated, framed rectangles look like the cabin block was stretched.

→ Created with two identical blocks.

→ Done in two-color way, but could be very interesting in a wider color range.

⑥ Nancy's Corner segment features Venetta Morger, with her Ovarian Cancer Quilt Project.

→ Ovarian Cancer Quilt Project was established to educate the public about the risk factors and symptoms of ovarian cancer through the artistry of quilting.

→ Online auction.

⑦ Log Cabin blocks have taken on a transition from traditional to modern styles.

Order the "Cabin Fever Quilts" DVD directly from Sewing with Nancy at Nancy's Notions for $12.99 at http://www.nancysnotions.com/product/cabin+fever+quilts+dvd.do

Order the "Cabin Fever Quilts" sewing pattern book directly from Sewing with Nancy at Nancy's Notions for $19.99 at http://www.nancysnotions.com/product/cabin+fever+book.do

►►Information on "Cabin Fever Quilts" Book◄◄

① Stitch up 20 designs in bold styles and shapes. Use the demonstrated streamlined piecing process and have fun turning an old favorite new again.

② Sew big quilts fast! Simple two and three-color designs.

③ The 20 quilts:

→ Three sizes: Baby: 36" x 36"; Throw: 60" x 72"; Coverlet: 96" x 96"

→ Barn Cabin

→ Cabin Keys

→ Dappled

→ Dazzle

→ Dilation

→ Downtown Cabins

→ Floating Cabins

→ Framed Cabins

→ Incline

→ Jawbreaker

→ Math Class Cabins

→ Metropolis

→ Nonchalant

→ Outstretched

→ Peaches and Cream

→ Pinwheel Cabins

→ Pushover

→ Radiance

→ Stacked Up

→ Typhoon

④ Soft cover; 127 pages; by authors Natalia Bonner and Kathleen Whiting.

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