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How-to Free-Motion Quilt in 30 Minutes or Less (Part 1 of 2) - Sewing with Nancy

Sewing with Nancy
Free-motion quilt with ease—it’s fast and fun! Learn to free-motion quilt on your sewing machine and you’ll never look back.

Nancy and guest Molly Hanson show how to quilt like
a pro and create finished projects without using a long-arm machine.

►►► Key Points in this VIDEO Tutorial (Free Motion Quilting for Beginners Part 1 of 2) ◄◄◄

① Discover how to quilt like a pro without using a long-arm machine.

② Find out how to set up your machine and prep your project for free-motion quilting.

③ See how you can use your "Muscle Memory" by sketching your design before you practice the stitching.

④ Learn the beginners guide to Stippling: puzzle shaped designs—the most common free-motion stitch.

⑤ Explore Loop de Loops and Handwriting: small loops mixed with classic cursive writing.

⑥ Delve into Pebbles and Chains: small touching circles and single rows or "chains of pearls"

⑦ Nancy's Corner Segment 1 features Maria DeGroot.

→ Maria shares her experiences of teaching children the art of quilting by transforming their colored pencil drawings to appliques.

Order the "Free Motion Quilting for Beginners" DVD directly from Sewing with Nancy at Nancy's Notions for $12.99 at http://www.nancysnotions.com/product/free+motion+quilting+for+beginners+dvd.do

Order the "Free Motion Quilting for Beginners" sewing pattern book directly from Sewing with Nancy at Nancy's Notions for $19.99 at http://www.nancysnotions.com/product/free+motion+quilting+for+beginners+book.do

►►Information on "Free Motion Quilting for Beginners" Book◄◄

① Learn to free-motion quilt on your home sewing machine and you'll never look back.

② Begin by learning how to quilt your name, because soon you'll be signing unique works of art.

③ Master all the fundamentals of free-motion quilting by working on manageable fat-quarter-sized fabric pieces.

④ Confidently stitch 10 different quilting designs, including stippling variations, pebbles, square meander, swirls, and wood grain.

⑤ Take your skill to new heights as you quilt 15 practical projects to enhance your daily life, such as a table-top organizer, table runner, tote bag, weekender bag, and laptop sleeve.

⑥ Soft cover; 96-pages; by author Molly Hanson.

⑦ Free-Motion Quilting for Beginners Table of Contents:

→ Foreword

→ Introduction

→ Tools

→ Setting Up Your Space

→ Prepping Your Project

→ Thread and Tension

→ Sketching

→ Five Prep Steps for Free-Motion Quilting

→ Tips, Tricks, and Reminders

→ Loop De Loops and Handwriting

➡ Project: Organize It Bowl Set

→ Stippling

➡ Project: Chevron Tea Towel and Pot Holder

→ Pebbles and Chain of Pearls

➡ Project: Color Block Zip Bag

➡ Project: Color Block Toiletry Tote

→ Square Meander Nesting Boxes

➡ Project: Chipped Plates Place Mats

➡ Project: Bon Appetit Table Runner

→ Paisley

➡ Project: Purple Paisley Tote Bag

➡ Project: Quilt Block Pillow

→ Wood Grain

➡ Project: Hardwood Messenger Bag

➡ Project: Outward Bound Laptop Sleeve

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