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Tried and True Sewing and Quilting Tips (Part 2 of 2) - Sewing with Nancy

Sewing with Nancy
Enjoy tried and true sewing and quilting tips from a variety of sewing and quilting personalities.

Sewing and quilting specialists took time from their busy teaching schedule, at Nancy’s Notions Sewing Weekend in Beaver Dam, WI, to record some of their favorite sewing and quilting techniques.

►►► Key Points in this VIDEO Tutorial (Tried and True Sewing and Quilting Tips Part 2 of 2) ◄◄◄

① Economize and gain efficiency when sewing and quilting—without sacrificing quality.

② Whether you're just getting started, or have been sewing for years, this video makes it fun and easy to learn from a time-tested compilation of tips and techniques from today's top sewing authorities.

③ Embroider wrinkle free designs—Pam Mahshie.

④ Add interest to clothing and home décor using T-shirt fringe—Rita Farro.

⑤ Embellish with free-motion machine stitching—Wendy Butler Berns.

⑥ Use clear starch to make quilting easier—Jill Repp.

⑦ Create simple faux Cathedral Window blocks—Mark Lipinski.

⑧ Give your project a touch of class with a fabulous flange binding—Donna Fenske.

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►►Information on Tried and True Sewing and Quilting Tips Book◄◄

① Contributors include Nancy Zieman, Mary Mulari, Eileen Roche, Jenny Doan, Mark Lipinski, Wendy Butler Berns, Pam Damour, Rita Farro, Jill Repp, Steve Butler, Pam Mahshie, and Donna Fenske.

② Tried and True Tips include Sewing and Embroidering Tips:

→ Ezy Easing—a clever technique to ease fullness without the need for basting stitches

→ Paper Glue Stick to the Rescue—tame seam allowances from shifting while stitching

→ Prepress Hems—a simple trick to make pressing hems a breeze, even on small areas

→ Perfectly Spaced Blanket Stitches—two options for a perfect edge accent

→ Revealing Hint for Threading with Clear Thread—eliminate frustration with one quick tip

→ Eco-Hooping—money saving way to use any stabilizer on rolls

→ Press with Care—the finishing touch to preserving the beauty of an embroidered project

→ Sew an Exposed Zipper with Ease—get even and pucker free zippers fast

→ Reversible Fat Quarter Apron—a quick and easy apron from four fat quarters

→ Fabulous Flange Binding—add color and interest with an easy-to-sew flange binding

→ Wrinkle Free Embroidery—simple steps to hooping fabric for best results

→ Clever T-Shirt Fringe—the perfect accent to add interest to clothing and home decor

→ Embellish with Free-Motion Machine Stitching—make embellishing any project enjoyable

② Tried and True Tips include Quilting Tips:

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