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4 years ago

Easy Recipes: Cheesy Bacon Wrapped Mozzarella Sticks

Food Coma
Food Coma
These cheesy bacon bombs are the ultimate deep fried treat. Perfect bacon wrapped cheese: gooey and creamy in the center and crispy and smokey on the outside. Mozz sticks made better.
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The only ingredients you need are mozzarella sticks (duh), some bacon (adoi) and toothpicks. And marinara sauce if you want a dipping sauce. It's really one of the best easy recipes. If you are like me and have a virtually empty fridge, this snack is right up your alley. Hot and delicious, we dare you not to eat them all. And they're easier to make than regular mozzarella sticks. Cheesy bacon bombs are the bomb. Time to deep fry! Cooking never tasted this good.