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5 years ago

Super Snack Recipes: Bacon Wrapped Pizza Burritos

Food Coma
Food Coma
Burritos vs pizza vs bacon? You don't have to choose. In 4 steps you can have bacon wrapped pizza burritos. A bomb snack recipe that's insanely easy.
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Looking for new bomb snack recipes? Look no further than bacon and pizza to create the ultimate burrito. Did we catch your attention and your hungry tummy? This bacon wrapped pizza burrito is stupidly simple. All you need is a frozen pizza and a some strips of bacon.

Not only can you enjoy this by yourself as a late night snack, you can cut the burrito thinly with a serrated knife and serve it as finger food at your next get together. Why make fancy appetizers when you can just make the real stuff people want to be eating at a party? Try it out tonight and thank us tomorrow. Bacon Wrapped Pizza Burritos will be your new favorite munchy. Crazy tasty.
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