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7 years ago

Yoga Exercises for Diabetes - Special Asana to Cure Diabetes and Diet Tips in English

Yog Sadhana
Yog Sadhana
This yoga for diabetes, yoga for asthma, yoga for high blood pressure, yoga for high cholesterol, yoga for hypertension has not only helped to out of chronic diseases but also enjoy the deep bliss with in self. Hence sharing this YouTube video through which explain the reasons for chronic illness such as asthma, diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypertension and how this yoga's can help one to come out of the chronic illness such as diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high BP and hypertension.

Bhujangasana benefits :
1. Helps Strengthens back muscles
2. Strengthens the spine & keep it flexible
3. Strengthens the shoulders

Pawanmuktasana benefits :
1. Good for the digestive system, Strengthens knee joints and keeps them flexible.
2. Improves flexibility of the spine
3. strengthens back & neck muscles

Dhanurasana benefits :
1. Reduces weight around the abdominal area
2. Strengthen the lumber, back and neck muscles

Halasana benefits :
1. Reduces fat around the waist & abdominal area
2. Adds glow to the face
3. Beneficial in menstrual & thyroid problems

Ustasana benefits :
1. Increases blood circulation to the brain
2. Reduces cervical pain
3. Strengthens abdominal muscles
4. Strengthens knee joints & thigh muscles

Ardha -- Marsyendrasana benefits :
1. Helps keep your cardiac problems away
2. Adds beauty and longevity
3. Very good for digestive systems
4. Helps to cure constipation

Suryanamanskar benefits :
1. Increases blood circulation
2. It's keeps heart problem away
3. It improves the functioning of Kidneys and the Endocrine Glands.
4. Adds beauty to the face and skin

Pranayam benefits :
1. Calms the mind
2. Cleanses the system
3. regulates vital life force

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