Yoga During Pregnancy - Asana, Treatment, Diet Tips & Cure in Tamil

  • 8 years ago
Pregnancy is a time when the woman undergoes lot of changes physically, mentally as well as emotionally. When you are pregnant, there are many parts of the body, which experience lot of aches and pains which cannot be defined.

Yoga during pregnancy is a good way of dealing with the related problems and helps to beat all the stress and anxiety connected to pregnancy. Let us see some of the poses.

The Extended Side Angle Pose : This is a special pose that helps to avoid feeling sluggish during pregnancy. This pose helps to develop stronger legs and opens the hips well. This also helps to give you energy .

The Triangle Pose : This is a pose that helps you to regain your balance which you at times would lose during pregnancy. This is a very good pose and works around the legs. It also helps to stretch the body and energizes the hips as well as opens up the shoulders. This usually goes in under pressure but yoga during pregnancy helps to deal with this problem.

Sitting Side Stretch: This is a useful yoga pose and helps to open the side waist as well as the pelvis and hip region. The belly gets bigger and yoga during pregnancy only helps to relax the tensed nerves.

The Cat’s Pose and the Cow’s Pose : These two poses help to deal with helping to shift the weight from the spine. They give you relief and also help you to have a good posture.

The Childs Pose : This is a pose that helps you to regain all balance and focuses on relaxing the face as well as breathing into the back. There are ways you could use the Childs pose to work towards the betterment of the pregnant condition.