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7 years ago

Pranayama - Heart Disease, Prevent Heart Attacks, Heart Diseases - English

Yog Sadhana
Yog Sadhana
Pranayama is the one of the eight limbs of "Hatha yoga". Often it is considered as breathing exercise, but that perception is wrong as is the case with almost every other practice of Yoga. Every practice of yoga has a very subtle effect on human consciousness and does not limit only to physical health benefits. But still, we know that breath is very vital for sustaining life.
We rarely give any thought to the breathing process of ours as it occurs automatically without our awareness and yet most of us do it incorrectly. Now if breathing is a natural spontaneous process in our body, than how can we do it incorrectly? The answer is that due to continuously breathing in incorrect patterns, our respiratory muscles have become lazy and inefficient.

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