Kondasana For Bodybuilding - Exercise For Healthy Body - Treatment, Tips & Cure in Tamil

  • 9 years ago
Kandasana comes from the Sanskrit word "Kanda" meaning "bulbous root". Since, in this pose, the legs form a shape like the bulb of an onion, hence this pose is named as Kandasana.

KANDASANA Kanda is 12 inches above the anus and extends four inches on both the sides.
1. Sit on the ground, stretching the legs towards both the sides. With the help of hands place the feet towards the trunk.
2. Hold in this position for few seconds. Release the legs slowly.
Therapeutic Advantages
1. This exercise provides greater benefits to the legs, thighs and muscles below the navel region. Cures stiffness in the hips and also joint pains in the region of legs.
2. Practicing this exercise gives sexual vigor.

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