Ashwa Sanchalan During Pregnancy - Exercise for Back - Treatment, Tips & Cure in Tamil

8 years ago
Ashwa Sanchalan is a yoga posture that aids in curing problems of back pain and keeps the body fit during pregnancy.

History :

According to history Ashwa Sanchalan is a posture that originates from the third pose of the Surya Namaskar positions.

Meaning :

In the Sanskrit language, Ashwa means horse. Sanchalan means marching. Asana means pose. So Ashwa Sanchalan means walking like horse yoga pose.

Technique :

Begin with Uttanasana and bend the knees.
Inhale deeply and look ahead.
Now breathe out and take the right leg at the back such that you reach the edge of the mat, so try to feel the edge.
Now here you should plant the heel firmly and take care that you do not lift the right knee upwards.
Now go behind such that the left leg is parallel to the ground and stretch the left leg as much as possible.
The left knee should be at a right angle to the left shin.
The left shin is perpendicular to the ground.
Now keep the body towards the inner part of the thigh and move forward.
Keep the neck straight, the heart, and the chest and lift them from the middle.
The hands are on either side and the palms are on the floor.
Balance the weight on the thigh and lift the chest.
Breathe out and place the right leg forward.

Benefits :

Flexibility is important during pregnancy so Ashwa Sanchalan helps to relax the hips and the groin.
The organs are well stimulated due to this asana and thus it is a good exercise for the Heart.
Focus and concentration improves with the help of this yoga pose.

Ashwa Sanchalan is a good yoga pose, is a part of the Surya Namaskar routine, and is a good exercise for pregnancy.