Agnisar Kriya For Menstrual Disorder - Irregular Periods Treatment, Tips & Cure in Tamil

  • 8 years ago
Disorders affect the human body in various ways, and there are natural and simple methods of managing them. Yoga is one such way to deal with such health conditions.

Yoga and Internal Conditions

Agnisar Kriya is a very effective form of yoga which helps in improving digestion and also aids in massaging the abdomen.

Agnisar Kriya and Yoga

Also known as the Breath of Fire the Agnisar Kriya helps to light up the digestive fire within.


Agni means fire in Sanskrit and Sar means essence or conclusion. Thus Agnisar means the essence of Fire and Kriya means a process. So a process which delves into the essence of the fire element in the body is what is denoted by Agnisar Kriya.


This yoga technique is usually practiced in the Padmansana or the Lotus Pose, Half lotus pose or Ardh Padmasana., Sukhasana or the Pleasure pose and the Easy Squat Pose.

Practice this while standing and incline the torso a bit forward from the lower waist and back. It should be straight. If you are standing then ensure that your palms are on the knees or on the thighs. If you are in the seated pose, then rest the palms on the knees. Keeping the arms straight, take a deep breath and breathe out totally while you take the belly inwards. Holding the breath release the tummy and take care that the belly goes out as you release the breath. When you hold the breath, the belly should flap in and out for a few times.

Best Time to Practise Agnisar Kriya

The best time to practise this technique is in the morning just after the bowel movement when the stomach is not full. Do not drink or eat anything before this pose and do it after the bowels are cleared.

Care and Caution

This has to be supervised by a trained yoga expert and people who suffer from high blood pressure, acute duodenal or peptic ulcers, heart disease and overactive thyroid gland or chronic diarrhea should not practice this. Pregnant women should also abstain from doing this yoga.