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6 years ago

Many of San Bernardino shooting victims were gunman Syed Rizman Farook’s coworkers

TomoNews US
TomoNews US
SAN BERNARDINO, CALIFORNIA — Thousands attended a candlelight and prayer vigil at San Manuel stadium in San Bernardino on Thursday evening to pay respect for the 14 victims of Wednesday’s mass shooting.

Among the victims who worked with shooter Syed Rizwan Farook there was Nicholas Thalasinos, age 52, a Messianic Jew and an environmental health services worker for the last 13 years. He had a heated argument with Farook two weeks before the shooting.

Benneta Betbadal, age 46, also worked for the same social services centre as Farook. She was born in Iran but escaped to the United States to run away from Islamic extremism and the persecution of Christians after the Iranian Revolution.

Yvette Velasco, age 27, worked for the San Bernardino County as an environmental health specialist. She was remembered by her family as "full of life and loved by all who knew her.”

Shannon Johnson, age 45, also worked in the field of environmental health.

Tin Nguyen, age 31, of Santa Ana, worked as a food inspector. She fled Vietnam with her mother at the age of 8.

Syerra Clayborn, age 27, another victim of the shooting, posted on her Facebook page according to the Los Angeles Times "I love hanging out with my friends and I love my blooming career in public and environmental health.”

"I am dedicated to enjoying my new life, that God so graciously gave me, so I thank Him… and live life to the fullest. I love my life," she said.


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