12 years ago

How to Get Hops - Learn Ways to Jump Higher Fast | Exercises for Vertical Jump

http://www.squidoo.com/best-way-to-jump-higher When it comes to sports that involve jumping, all the athletes want to know how to get hops because the only way they are going to win and bring home the trophy is if they jump high enough. Basketball for example, if you can jump higher than the rest of the guys or girls, you can go and dunk on them. As for how it can be done, do not worry because i will tell you the 2 ways that can help you get hops and excel in whatever you are doing.

Do baby hops while you are sitting down or taking your bath. What you have to do is go up and push with your feet so that you can be on your toes and then come back.

The Jump Manual which is a guide made by professionals that helps you jump higher (get hops) the best way possible. Click Here http://howtojumphigher.us/ to go there and believe me, that manual really works. I can jump almost half a meter higher now!"

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