After 14 Years Of Hoping For Sibling Teen Receives Cake Revealing Mom's Pregnancy | Happily TV

  • last month
A teen who wanted a younger sibling for more than a decade cried tears of joy when a waiter presented her with a cake that read “Big Sis” and revealed her dream was set to come true. Giselle, aged 14, from El Monte, California, had always wanted a younger sibling, but her mom, Jennifer, kept telling her the timing wasn’t right. Jennifer, 29, had her daughter at a very young age, giving birth to Giselle when she was 14. For that reason, Jennifer went through the following years, not thinking she was ready for another child until she found her significant other. During that time, she experienced health issues she believed resulted in her struggling to get pregnant. The lack of a sibling was tough on Giselle, her mom admits – but having undergone surgery for her health issues and after marrying, Jennifer discovered she was pregnant with her now-husband. She wanted to plan a big surprise for her daughter, so on January 1, she took her to their local Olive Garden, one of Giselle's favorite restaurants. When it was time for dessert, the waiter headed to the family's table and presented Giselle with a slice of cake, next to which was written "Big Sis" in sauce on the plate. Having asked her mom if the moment was real, Giselle – initially frozen in shock – then began to cry with the joy of the surprise.