Great Grandma Overjoyed To Meet Great Granddaughter For First Time | Happily TV

  • 2 months ago
A grandma has received an outpouring of love for her pure reaction, after her family arranged for her to be surprised with her newborn great granddaughter around the sad anniversary of her own baby son suddenly passing nearly six decades earlier. Nancy Logan, 86, from Lansing, Michigan, had not expected to meet her baby great granddaughter Memphis Raine Johnson for several months, given that her granddaughter, Elizabeth, 22, lives a few hours away. But knowing the significance of February 8 – the date Nancy's son, Timmy, was born in 1966, before passing away a few days later from natural causes – Elizabeth and her mom Dana Reis [pronounced: Rice] decided to plan a special surprise. Dana, 54, decided to use a purchase she had made on Facebook Marketplace as an excuse, as that would give her a reason to be in the area where her mother lives. Having entered her mom’s home, Dana was greeted with an excitable reaction from Nancy – but she then informed her mom that, unfortunately, Elizabeth could not make it because of a doctor's appointment. A few minutes later, Dana texted her daughter a thumbs up, which was the cue for Elizabeth to bring baby Memphis into the room. As soon as Nancy laid eyes on her great granddaughter for the first time, she couldn't help shifting in her chair and letting out a scream of excitement, unable to contain herself at the prospect of holding Memphis for the first time.