Siblings Surprise Sister With Over-The-Top Cruise Announcement For Birthday | Happily TV

  • last month
A woman was left stunned when the "more free-spirited" members of her family showed up at her workplace and performed a choreographed song and dance routine with a giant boat, revealing that they had planned a surprise cruise for her 40th birthday. Stephanie Coakley, 40, from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, thought that she, her mom and her sister might be heading off for a modest girl's weekend for the milestone – but she had no idea what her family had planned. Secretly, Stephanie's sister, Sara Valencia, 38, had liaised with Stephanie's husband and daughter to cover childcare, which allowed Sara and her mom, Sandy Gaines, 60, to plan bigger than a local weekend away. Sara and Kathy settled on a Friday-to-Monday cruise to the Bahamas. They also invited Stephanie's second cousin, Kathy Harvey, 59, to join them so that they could have two people in each cabin room. With the cruise booked, it was time to plan how to surprise Stephanie. In mid-January, the family decided to hold the grand reveal on February 16, the day they could check in for the cruise, which gave them four weeks to prepare. During those four weeks, Sara, Sandy and Kathy sent Stephanie a series of postcards from different states to throw her off the scent. Secretly, though, those postcards had declarations like "Bring your sense of adventure" – a message starting with B – which, if lined up, would spell out "Bahamas." Then, for the reveal itself, Sandy decided that the only way to break the news to her daughter was in the most elaborate way possible: by showing up in a boat. The family worked on making a boat from cardboard, with Sandy writing words to a song and Kathy choreographing dance moves. On the big day itself, Stephanie was asked by her company's receptionist to head into a conference room. There, she came across the boat, and her daughter, Brianna, started recording. Sara, Sandy and Kathy then performed their extensive routine – during which a stunned Stephanie, seated on a chair, didn't know how t