Ever tried a MANGO PIZZA? Ft. The Best Gujarati Pizza @MrRockyMohan

  • 9 months ago
Join us this week for an exciting culinary journey on The Great Indian Pizza Adventure! Follow Jasper as he embarks on a delightful exploration of Indian flavors. In this episode, he delves deep into the culinary heritage of Gujarat, partnering with food entrepreneur Mira Jhala to uncover the well-kept secrets of Gujarati cuisine at the iconic Gujarat Samaj. ️ But that's not all! The adventure continues as Jasper collaborates with the talented Chef Shagun Mehra to create mouthwatering pizzas, never seen before, which are then put to the ultimate taste test by the renowned food connoisseur Rocky Mohan. Get ready to savor a slice of India's rich and diverse flavors!

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