Isabella's Past Catches Up With Her in Exclusive Clip From the Next Episode of "Cruel Summer"

  • last year
Summer is cruel, even in the winter. In episode five of season two of "Cruel Summer," Lexi Underwood's character Isabella's past has been a mystery all season thus far, and in a clip from the installment, which debuts on Monday, June 26, viewers finally get a little insight into who the diplomat's daughter was before coming to town.
"Cruel Summer" season two follows Isabella after she moves in with Megan and cozies up to Megan's best friend Luke. Their love triangle eventually turns deadly, and viewers are slowly piecing together just what exactly went wrong - and who was involved. In the clip, Isabella's "old friend" Trevor questions why he hasn't been able to get in touch with her. "I've been searching for you for months, clearly I should have looked at the mall. What is this, Abercrombie?" asks Trevor, noting that she's "a long way from Milan." He questions her, "Were you ever going to call me?," before the pair's conversation is interrupted by Luke.
In a previous interview with POPSUGAR, Underwood's costar Sadie Stanley - who plays Megan - teased of the anthology series's second installment, "The events that happen are life-changing. The stakes are really high this season." She also praised how "Cruel Summer" has built its mystery through the events, so far. "I think the way that the show is written is really interesting because each episode you start to get suspicious of a different character," she explained. "You never really know who to believe, and they're really good at manipulating the audience into thinking that it might be this person's fault or it might be this person's fault."
Continued Stanley, "I think they'll be really surprised by the ending because you think you know these characters really well, and then maybe you actually don't."
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