Dan and His Daughter Connect Over Their Disconnect in New "Fatal Attraction" Exclusive Clip

  • last year
Dan is lamenting his estranged relationship with his daughter - by his own making - in the fifth episode of Paramount+'s new streaming series "Fatal Attraction," and POPSUGAR has an exclusive first look. In a clip from the upcoming installment, airing Sunday, May 14, Dan (played by Joshua Jackson) and adult Ellen (Alyssa Jirrels) discuss their drinking preferences, with Ellen telling her father she is partial to bourbon - a trait he reveals she's gotten from her grandfather.
"There was a long time there where I was daydreaming about Bloody Marys, which were never really my thing," Dan admits in the clip, reflecting on his time in prison for the murder of his former mistress, Alex. "Now I'm here and all I really want is a beer."
The conversation then pivots to be about how disconnected he and Ellen are, as he opted to not continue a relationship with his daughter when he was locked up. At the time, Ellen was just a child.
Dan laments that it's challenging that "after missing all those years to sit here and feel like I know you but to know less about you than somebody who barely knows you."
During a recent interview with POPSUGAR, Jackson specifically addressed Dan's decision to sever ties with Ellen while incarcerated, noting it's not a choice he would personally make - especially now that he's a father. Explained Jackson, "It's hard for me to conceive of, as a father, anything that would keep me away from my daughter at all. The story is 'Fatal Attraction,' but the piece that was for me so interesting was exactly that. How egomaniacal do you have to be to choose the preservation of your own self-image over the opportunity to raise your child?"
"Fatal Attraction" is a remake of the 1987's hit thriller of the same name. The Paramount+ adaptation adds a future timeline to the story, looking at the aftermath of the deadly affair at the center of the tale. New episodes of "Fatal Attraction" begin streaming on Sundays.