Most Famous Breakfast In Lahore | Fiqay Ki Lassi | Sadiq Halwa Puri | Street Food In Lahore Pakistan

  • last year
So this is the last video from my trip to LAHORE PAKISTAN to explore the street food their and in this video i'm going to try the most famous breakfast in LAHORE.

At number one i'm going to try sadiq halwa puri which is the most oldest halwa puri shop located in lahore with variety of items to serve in their breakfast menu. they have two type of pori and two type of salan which taste great and in pricing they are also very reasonable and their whole menu included halwa and pori are made up in pure desi ghee which is commonly used in lahore for street food items.

In last i'm trying the most famous lassi of whole PAKISTAN named fiqay ki lassi which purely made of up khoya and makhan which takes time approximately 20 minutes in the making of lassi. Fiqay ki lassi is known by every PAKISTANI who loves food and if you're planning to visit LAHORE so don't forget to try FIQAY KI LASSI which is highly recommended :)

Price : 180 Pkr
1.13 $

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