Sadiq Halwa Puri Ichera | Desi Breakfast | Fried Tortilla | Lahore Street Food III

  • 7 years ago
Sadiq Halwa-Puri is love at first bite. They have been serving breakfast to Lahori's for three generations. Probably our Punjabi neighbours across the border might remember this place. His Puris are like none other, thin crisp, layered dough, deep fried in Desi Ghee. Some how they don't feel oily and doesn't leave oily feeling hands. The Aaloo bhujia (Curry) and Chanay (Chick Peas) are oil free and awesome. The Halwa is slightly sweet with no artificial food colours or flavouring. They serve Halwa with tiny sweet rice pancakes which are to die for. Well enough of talking, go and taste for yourself. You will be loving it for a long time to come.

Address: Ferozpur Road, Ichhra, Lahore 54610, Pakistan