People Fight For Lassi - Famous Jeda Lassi in Lahore Food Street - Street Food of Lahore Pakistan

  • 10 months ago
#StreetFoodLahore #JedaLasiwala #HUGELASSIMAKING
Lahori Crazy For Jeda Lassi in Lahore Food Street. People Almost Fight and Going Crazy for Enjoying Jeda Lassi In Lahore Pakistan. In Lahore People Take Lassi in Breakfast ( Subha ka Nashta ). At Jeda Lassi Walay People Wait for an Hour to Take Lassi and Enjoy it; in the Morning Breakfast. Seriously Jesa Lassi is Pure, Made with Yogurt ( Curd / Dahi ) and Sugar ( Cheeni ). Jesa Lassi is Thick and it's Awesome. Have a look, Huge Rush on Leda Lassi Walay in Lahore Pakistan.
#StreetFoodLahore #JedaLasiwala #HUGELASSIMAKING

Shop Name : Jeda Lassi Butter Milk
Location : Awami Bazaar, Kucha Sheikhan Kucha Baili Ram Walled City of Lahore, Lahore, Punjab
Price : 100 Rupees