उपवासासाठी झटपट स्नॅक्स, बनवा राजगिरा पनीर करंजी | Rajgira Paneer Karanji Recipe | Archana

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An auspicious Navratri has started and so has Navratri fast. Many people do fasting in this period. Chef Archana Arte made a recipe called "Rajgira Paneer Karanji" for all of us. Watch the video & do let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


250 gms Paneer (grated)
½ tsp Cumin Seeds Powder
1 tbsp Almonds & Pistachios (chopped)
3 Green Chillies (chopped)
Salt (as per taste)
250 gms Amaranth Flour (rajgira)
Salt (as per taste)
Water (as required)
Oil (for deep frying)