4 months ago

9 facts you probably don't know about the iconic musical "Grease"

1/ The actors chewed no less than 100,000 pieces of chewing gum for the filming.
2/ Henry Winkler should have played the character of Danny. The actor refused the role which was then given to John Travolta.
3/ Grease had a sequel. Grease 2, made in 1982, but was not as successful.
4/ The music of the soundtrack and the famous song 'You're the One That I Want' reached number 1 in the US charts.
5/ Olivia Newton-John almost turned down the role that changed her life for fear it would hurt her singing career.
6/ The actress hated shooting the most iconic scene of the movie in her tight leather pants. The shooting of this cult sequence lasted more than 7 hours, under an unbearable heat.
7/ These famous leather pants were bought in a thrift storebut had a broken zipper. It was necessary to sew it to the body of the actress.
8/ It was sold at auction for $405,700 in 2019 for Olivia Newton-John's cancer foundation.
9/ Jeff Conaway (aka Kenickie Murdoch) seriously injured his back while dancing on top of the car during the shooting for the song 'Grease Lightning'.
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