Afridi Cattle Farm 2019 - Sohrab Goth Cow Mandi Karachi

  • 2 years ago
Eid Ul Azha is almost here and cattle farms are soaring high with exciting cattle range. Well decorated tents have been set up by Afridi Dairy and Cattle Farms near Queta Darbar hotel at Super Highway Karachi. Vets and professional trainers of cattle are staying alert and active in the tents by the Afridi Cattle farm whereas people are visiting in excitement and there is absolutely no way to stop it. Thousands of pictures are being shared and hundreds of bargains are being held all over in Karachi Mandi these days. Hundreds of Cows are being displayed. Mostly its very heavy and bulky cows that usually excite people and which are also the ones to catch sales first at farms.
Due to increase in dollar rates, prices of cattle are soaring high at unbelievable scales. Wide black eyes with clean thick skin, the cattle range include some of the extremely beautiful cows. Quite soon will we be witnessing a range of camels, goats and sheep however it is no doubt that People’s preference will always lead to buying pretty cows. There are many mandis which are already booming with visitors, vloggers and buyers; all engrossed in enjoying with the cattle, buying, negotiating and stuff. Afridi Dairy and Cattle farm is just one of them but undoubtedly it’s the best decorated, cleanest and a farm with best cattle range.