Museum Of The Future Dubai | Mustaqbil Ka Ajaib Ghar | Dubai Ka Future Museum

  • 2 years ago
Dubai's latest attraction museum of the future aims to show what the next 50 years could look like for the UAE and beyond. It is one of the most iconic 'Neo Futurism style' buildings of the 21st century. This museum’s building is truly a unique structure for witnessing and testifies to human intelligence, perseverance, and vision. This is no ordinary museum, as is the case with the collection of specimens but a functional space filled with innovative facilities and design studios, a collection of ideas that were never conceived. The design of Dubai's Museum Of The Future art and poetry, with Arabic calligraphy engraved on the exterior, quoting the Prime Minister about the future.
Agar khoobsurat buildings ki baat ki jaye tou us mein pehle no. pe Dubai Ka Future Museum ho yeh kehna ghalat nai hoga. Dekhiye dunya ke kai ajaib ghar mein se ek ajaib ghar (Museum Of The Future Dubai),