Karachi Gaye Mandi | Shah Cattle Farm 2021 Collection | Cow Mandi Sohrab Goth | Bakra Mandi

  • 2 years ago
Shah Cattle Farm - The event of Eid ul Adha 2021 is just around the corner and people are busy purchasing sacrificial animals. However, the buying process of the healthy and beautiful animal in a reasonable price range for Qurbani 2021 is not a simple task. It is a reason that buyers are also considering cattle farms besides Cow Mandi in Karachi or any other city.
Karachi Gaye Mandi ya Bakra Mandi ke ilawa shehar me kai aise cattle farm hain jahan achay janwar munasib qimat me mojood hain. Hum apko is video me Cattle Show ka dora karwenge jahan aap Shah Cattle Farm 2021 collection ke aala nasal ke janwar dekh sakte hain. Mazeed tafseel ke liye video dekhain. Find these videos best for cow mandi karachi sohrab goth, sacrificial animals for eid ul-adha and sacrificial animals in pakistan.