(2) DSP Tries It_ Hades - Volume 2 - Presented by KingDDDuke

  • 3 years ago
TiHYDP by KingDDDuke Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGnB3HidddYOVQMu1NmD-iDbUkE1oZsgg

TiHYDP Hades - This is How You Don't Play Hades - DSP Tries It: Hades Series by KingDDDuke - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGnB3HidddYPZeZsfalefp-59Qi0AoTZg

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Hey wassup everyone! KingDDDuke here! Since my first DSP Tries It: Hades video got such good reception, decided to edit up a sequel. Got this done and out in record time. Took me 5 hours straight last night to put this together. It took my Laptop 1 hour & 45 minutes to finish rendering (which I started the second I got up) while I ate breakfast then walked the treadmill for an hour.
In this video, DSP gets a good cheese build until he messes up in his usual way and loses it. Thank you for watching! Don't forget to Like, Comment & Subscribe IF you enjoyed this video! I'd really appreciate it! Ring the bell too so you don't miss out on any future video I make, and so you can get notified of them the second they are out. I got a lot planned for the future.
Fri - Aug 20 - TiHYDP NES Remix with DSP & John Rambo
Sun - Aug 22 - DSP Tries It: Hades - Volume 3 (Depending on my schedule)
Fri - Aug 27 - TiHYDP Kirby's Epic Yarn
and I got 2 additional TiHYDP projects in the backburner, one is a camcorder wii game from 2010 and the other is a 2021 game Phil played just a couple of months ago (that will be split into 2 parts because it is kinda long and mahdern Phil is harder to edit than camcorder Phil).

00:00 - 5th Run Continues
01:55 - End of 5th Run
03:27 - Spear Time
03:59 - DSP Discovers Lucky Tooth
04:40 - 6th Run
07:55 - Asphodel Run 6
10:02 - DSP VS Hydra Rematch
11:28 - Elysium Run 6
15:13 - DSP VS Theseus and Asterius
17:30 - The Temple of Styx
17:48 - What does Cure Do Guys?
18:11 - Why am I Poisoned? WHY AM I TOXIC?!
21:22 - DSP VS Hades Round 1
21:58 - End of 6th Run
28:30 - 7th Run Starts
32:26 - DSP VS Fury Rematch 2
34:15 - Asphodel Run 7
36:40 - DSP VS Hydra Rematch 2
37:51 - Elysium Run 7
39:05 - DSP VS Asterius Rematch
40:08 - Elysium Run 7 Continues
41:10 - End of 7th Run
42:39 - 8th Run
42:50 - Final Thoughts on 2nd Hades Stream
43:16 - Ending

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