(8) DSP Tries It_ Hades - Volume VIII - This is How You Don't 2nd Escape - Presented by KingDDDuke

  • 3 years ago
TiHYDP by KingDDDuke Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGnB3HidddYOVQMu1NmD-iDbUkE1oZsgg

TiHYDP Hades - This is How You Don't Play Hades - DSP Tries It: Hades Series by KingDDDuke - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGnB3HidddYPZeZsfalefp-59Qi0AoTZg

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This Premiere is 46 minutes long. After clearing the 1st escape, DSP attempts a 2nd escape from Hades, but he has help from his broken bow build and the stream chat holding his hand the whole time. I kid you not, the first 7 minutes of this video has no gameplay, just stream chat holding DSP's hand on how to make his bow build broken, and this is edited down by the way.
Hoping I don't experience bugged youtube processing mechanics before the premiere starts like with This is How You Don't Play Hades (1st Escape) I posted yesterday.
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00:00 - Interlude Beofre Run 15 - 2nd Escape Attempt
08:26 - Run 15 - 2nd Escape Attempt Begins!
12:25 - Fury Rematch Run 15
15:32 - Asphodel Run 15
20:52 - Hydra Rematch Run 15
23:08 - Elysium Run 15
28:13 - Theseus & Asterius Rematch Run15
31:24 - Temple of Styx Run 15
38:03 - Hades Rematch Run 15
42:36 - DSP Ruins It: Hades 2nd Escape Ending
43:27 - Interlude Before 16th Run - 3rd Escape Attempt
45:40 - Volume Warning to headphone users - Ending

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