DSP Tries It: Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Presented by KingDDDuke

  • 2 years ago
This Premiere is 12 minutes long and starts at 1:03 P.M. EST and ends at 1:15 P.M. EST. In this DSP Tries it, Phil plays Kirby and the Forgotten Land for day one views and it is mostly boring. I got some clown mode. I really don't want to do the TiHYDP, I know DSP keeps getting more boring as time passes, but this is straight up ambien. I might just stick to classic DSP from before 2018 from here on. I do plan on premiering DSP Tries It: Ghostwire: Tokyo, this Wednesday (03/30), so look forward to that.
Also this Friday (04/01) is the premiere of This is How You DON'T Play Kirby's Return to Dreamland Co-op with John Rambo, and I feel like you are all going to enjoy it very much.
Anyway, tell me what you think of the tacky like. comment & subscribe animations and if you don't mind them or If I should just get rid of them. I want more engagement with my videos for discoverability on the YouTube algorithm, but I don't want to ruin the integrity of my video editing. For the full TiHYDP of this game, I'll only have the animation show up once or twice, but if you hate it, let me know, I'll make it not show up on the full TiHYDP if you comment on this video about not liking it.
Thank you for watching!
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TiHYDPs KingDDDuke (Oldest to Newest) This is How You DON'T Play created by KingDDDuke Playlist featuring DSPGaming Edited Phailthroughs Old and New - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGnB3HidddYMlvJAs7FkPnCqalDZTwitf

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