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9 months ago

How to Introduce Your Kids to Cooking at Home?

Although it can be a messy venture, teaching your children to cook is absolutely worth the time.
Along with helping them develop skills in the kitchen, cooking can also teach reading, math, science and problem-solving.
Here are eight tips to help introduce your kids to cooking.
1. Pick a team project, Do everything together, from browsing cookbooks and buying ingredients to plating the final product in a creative way.
2. Give them freedom, Fight the urge to clean up every mess or take over when something gets difficult.
3. Let them decide, Whether it be what pizza toppings you should use or which pasta shape to
choose, let your kids call the shots.
4. Start with breakfast, Boost your children’s confidence by giving them the chance to make the easiest meal of the day.
5. Get creative with dough, Pick a baking project that involves hands-on work, such as bread or pretzels.
6. Engage their senses, Encourage your kids to listen to kitchen sounds, smell the difference in herbs or do a blind taste test.
7. Keep them active, It’s easy to keep your child involved by putting them in charge of one of the many small tasks that happen during the cooking process.
8. Teach knife technique, Safety is key. Build their skills by having them cut mushrooms with a butter knife.