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4 months ago

How to Adress Your DIvorce With Your Kids?

Divorce is a tough decision. It only becomes tougher when kids are involved.
However, WeParent creator Elena Krasnoperova believes divorce is sometimes the best thing
parents can do for their kids.
"Witnessing constant fighting in high-conflict marriages is more damaging to the kids’ well-being
than an amicable divorce where both partners commit to being the best co-parents that they can be." Elena Krasnoperova, via Huffpost.
If you’ve made the hard decision to get divorced, here are 8 tips from experts on how to discuss it with your children.
1. Don’t bring up the topic until you’re 100 percent sure that you and your spouse are separating.
2. Plan out what you’re going to say, use the word “we” and present the news as a united front.
3. Use clear, simple language with young children.
4. Provide older children with concrete, age-appropriate information.
5. Emphasize that they don’t have to and should not ever pick a side.
6. Provide frequent physical and emotional reassurance.
7. Utilize aids such as books and videos to help your children understand.
8. Remind them that they can always ask questions and that you’ll answer them as honestly as possible.