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8 months ago

How to Bring Up Children Who Enjoy Helping Others

Every parent wants their child to grow into a good, kind adult who positively impacts the world.
Thankfully, teaching your child to be an enthusiastic “helper” is all about raising them right.
Here are seven expert-backed tips for raising children who enjoy helping others.
1. Help them discover their “helping” strengths so they can apply them when assisting others.
2. Give your child the opportunity to help around the house with developmentally appropriate tasks.
3. Praise your child when they make an effort to help so that they’ll feel good about themselves when doing it.
4. Be a good role model by demonstrating what it means to help others.
5. Make the task enjoyable and interesting.
6. Encourage them to view helping from a “team perspective” to foster a sense of connection and empathy.
7. Stress that helping others is an empowering opportunity, not a chore.