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2 years ago

Behind Neck Stretch | Static Flexibility Exercise | Stretching Exercise

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Static Stretching Exercises

Exercise ️: Neck Flexion & Extension

Muscle Involved : #TricepBrechii #LatissimusDorsi

How to perform:

➡️ Stand erect and raise the right arm to position it next to the right side of the head.
➡️ Flex the right elbow to allow the right hand to touch the back of the neck or upper back.
➡️ Raise the left arm to grasp the right elbow with left hand.
➡️ Pull the right elbow towards (and behind) the head with the left hand until a stretch is felt.
➡️ Repeat the stretch with the right hand grasping and pulling the left elbow.

Some Common Errors:

❌ Flexing the torso forward or rounding the shoulders.

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