Bread Pastry Recipe in Hindi | ब्रेड पेस्ट्री | Christmas Bread Pastry | Chocolate Pastry

  • 4 years ago
Bread Pastry Recipe In Hindi | Christmas Dessert Recipe In Hindi | Cake Recipe In Hindi | Pastry recipe in hindi | Christmas Cake Recipe | Instant Cake Recipe | Leftover Bread Recipes | Swaad Anusaar

Learn how to make an instant bread pastry (no-bake pastry) with our chef Deepu.

हमारे शेफ दीपू के साथ सीखिये क्रिसमस स्पेशल ब्रेड पेस्ट्री बनाने का तरीका ।

Bread pastry is a perfect dessert option for this Christmas. You can make this instant mini bread cake with minimum ingredients and a quick method. Make this last-minute dessert recipe with your kids and celebrate Christmas.

Ingredients :
(Serve 2)
- 6 Bread Slices
- Sugar
- Cinnamon Stick
- Chocolate
- Whipped Cream
- Castor Sugar
- Vanilla Essense
- Sprinkles
- Strawberry