Hong Kong protests: university becomes battleground between protesters, police

4 years ago
Hong Kong is being gripped by violence of an intensity not seen in roughly six months of pro-democracy protests.
There were yet more clashes on Tuesday,... this time on the campus of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, as students and police engaged in pitched battles.
Hong Yoo reports.
Hong Kong woke up to large fires across the city on Wednesday after yet another day of chaotic protests and clashes between protesters and the authorities.
Tram tracks and a bridge were in flames and roads were blocked by thousands of protesters.
"I think that we have to come out and take a stand, if everyone's scared, and if people don't come out, then there won't be any way to solve Hong Kong's problems."
This after police and students battled on the campus of the city's Chinese University.
Anti-government protesters threw petrol bombs and lit fires outside the campus and some blocked roads, while police prepared a water cannon to drive them back.
"The tears make the people heard and our voice will come together as one to stop them from entering our campus. I think it is violence to our campus that we are staying here. I do not know if they even have the warrant to get in to the campus to do what they think to protect the society."
On the same day, Hong Kong police held a press conference, saying they have the power to enforce the law on campus as the rioters' acts of throwing objects onto the road from a height and setting fires pose a great threat to public security.
"In view of the rioters' acts, the police actively conducted a number of actions, including entering the campus to disperse and arrest the rioters.
Even without a search warrant, the Police Force Ordinance has empowered us to enter, search and make arrest in relevant places."
Tuesday was the second straight day of weekday protests that followed an especially violent day on Monday when one protester was shot by a police officer and a pro-government supporter was set on fire during an apparent dispute with anti-government protesters.
Hong Yoo, Arirang News.