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Hong Kong protesters take to Kowloon to take message to mainland Chinese

Arirang News
Arirang News
There was another big protest in Hong Kong on Sunday.
This time, the vibe was different,... with protesters peacefully taking their message to a mainland Chinese audience.
For more on this and other news from around the world, let's turn to our Hong Yoo.
So Yoo, tell us about this new tactic from the protesters.

Well Connyoung, instead of gathering in Hong Kong's city financial district as they have been doing most weekends, tens of thousands of people marched through the city's main tourism districts, to appeal to a mainland Chinese audience.
The organizers say 230-thousand protesters joined the latest demonstration,... heading towards West Kowloon Railway Station, the city's high-speed rail station that connects Hong Kong to mainland China.
Protesters chanted and carried slogans such as "Free Hong Kong" in Mandarin so the Chinese tourists could understand.

"In the Kowloon area in particular there a lot of tourists coming from the mainland. We hope that we can let them see the peaceful form of protest typical of Hong Kong. Over there in the mainland the media is rather censored, so they may only have heard stories of riotous conflicts, and cannot see our peaceful form of protesting."

"This time the protest came over here to Kowloon. Actually, I joined all the previous protests too. I think that no matter where the protest takes place, there is no difference. Hong Kong people took the initiative to march and give voice to our concerns."

The demonstrators fear an extradition bill would allow Chinese authorities to take people for political reasons and undermine Hong Kong's semi-autonomous legal system.
Hong Kong's Chief Executive Carrie Lam had pushed forward with the legislation, saying it was aimed at closing legal loopholes, but was forced to suspend the bill due to public anger.
Now protesters are demanding for the bill's complete withdrawal and Lam's resignation.
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