S. Korea's political parties give careful responses to cancellation of N. Korea-U.S. summit

6 years ago
여야, 북미회담 취소에 상황 예의주시

Careful but mixed responses to the cancellation of summit are coming from parliament.
The ruling Democratic Party stressed the need to keep close tabs on the situation,... adding the government needs to step up its role to build trust between Pyongyang and Washington.
Liberty Korea took aim at President Moon Jae-in for not being able to play the mediator role.
The main opposition went continued to criticize the administration, highlighting the rosy picture it's trying to portray is detached from reality,... and called for a careful management of the situation.
The centrist Bareun Mirae Party pinned the blame on the government and North Korea,... calling on Seoul to take a more cool-headed approach when dealing with Pyongyang.
The minor progressive parties expressed their relief that North Korea is still willing to talk,... while urging the Moon administration to do all it can to make sure the efforts made so far don't go to waste.