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  • 7 years ago
IFBB Pro Evan Centopani takes you through his two move chest workout. Hit both of them with everything you've got, and build some muscle.
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Today's chest workout is as barebones as they come: Just two moves, both of which you probably know well, and both done hard and heavy. For now, you're doing them at low rep ranges of no more than 10 reps. But soon enough, you'll be doing them for far more.

To get you motivated for your first hard session this week, watch Evan go through the same routine.

For these workouts, don't take your warm-up sets to failure. Then, choose your working weight so that you reach failure by the target rep. Take 2-4 minutes of rest between sets, which will allow for both muscular and central nervous system recovery.

When you're done, be done; don't insert additional movements into the workouts. Just make the most of the moves you're doing. If you want to do your 30 mins of cardio directly after this session, fine. Just don't do it right before lifting, and don't do it on three consecutive days.


| Chest Workout |
1. Flat Barbell Bench Press - 2 warmup sets of 10, 15 reps followed by 5 working sets of 6-8
2. Incline Dumbbell Press - 3 working sets of 6-10 reps

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