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  • 7 years ago
Squatting 405 for 2-3 reps won't help you build a ton of mass, but squatting 405 for 15-20 will. There's no way your legs aren't taking on new dimensions with that kind of training stimulus!
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The first four-week phase of Iron Intelligence is designed to build raw strength. You'll be doing relatively low reps with heavy weight, but your ultimate goal is to be able to use a similarly heavy weight for high reps. So the more strength you can build, the more weight you can carry into a higher rep range and build new muscle.

For these workouts, don't take your warm-up sets to failure. Then, choose your working weight so that you reach failure by the target rep. Take 2-4 minutes of rest between sets, which will allow for both muscular and central nervous system recovery.

A tip: if your gym doesn't have a glute-ham raise, perform what's known as a "natural" glute ham raise, with your feet under the pad of a lat pull-down machine. If that variation is too hard, just do slow negatives. If it's too easy (it's probably not) hold a plate to your chest.

When you're done, be done; don't insert additional movements into the workouts. Just make the most of the moves you're doing. If you want to do your 30 mins of cardio directly after this session, fine. Just don't do it right before lifting, and don't do it on three consecutive days.

| Leg Workout |
Barbell Squat - 2 warmup sets of 15, 20 reps, followed by 4 working sets of 6-8 reps

Leg Press - 2 warmup sets of 15, 20 reps followed by 4 working sets of 8-10 reps

Deadlifts - 2 warmup sets of 10, 15 reps followed by 3 working sets of 6-8 reps

Glut Ham Raise - 3 work sets of 8-10 reps

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