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6 years ago

ALERT! Channel hit by False Flagging censorship! Destinws2 aka Smarter Every Day - CENSORS Antares Rocket explosion

I had a public NASA video up about the Antares rocket explosion 2 years ago.

The video was up for a full year.

Then.. the next Antares rocket launch date came.. and the day before the launch MY VIDEO , up for a year, got flagged down as being supposedly "owned" by DestinWS2 aka "smartereveryday" on youtube.

I disputed his false claim. My dispute was REJECTED, even though Destin does NOT own the video in question.

I disputed a 2nd time, and made a video (this video) showing everyone the problem.

Youtube immediately restored my video within 1 day AFTER the launch, but the job was done, and I got smeared during the launch news cycle.


Move forward many months, my video showing what Destin did stayed up with no problem..

Then, this past week, late January 2016, Destin got invited to do a full Obama interview on youtube!

Now this video has been removed from youtube saying it is a "SCAM or DECEPTIVE PRACTICE or SPAM" !!!!!!!!!

Same days Destin is going to the White House, my video gets removed exposing what he did to me.

It is not a "SCAM, DECEPTIVE or SPAM" ! It's the truth, it happened to me, and Destin even admitted they flagged me "unintentionally"... where Destin blamed YOUTUBE for doing it, saying he had nothing to do with it personally, maybe his network had done it...


This is the video in question in it's entirety. I'll stand by this in a court of law , it happened to me, and it was done in DestinWS2's name. I had to fight it, and it was a total pain in the ass.

Now here we are, and the video showing what he did gets flagged down on youtube itself!