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Saoltvision 2012 // 24 RUSSIA: Alla Pugacheva - Zhenschina, kotoraya poet [Алла Пугачёва - Женщина, которая поет]

Nikita Volkov
DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional contest, in no way related to the Eurovision Song Contest or the EBU. I'm no owner of the rights of the songs and there's no copyright infraction intended. This is just a personal project made for the fun of it, with no commercial or lucrative aims. All rights reserved to the respective owners any source materials used for this project.

The Russian entry for the fictional Saoltvision Song Contest 2012.

Song: Zhenschina, kotoraya poet (Женщина, которая поет)
Artist: Alla Pugacheva (Алла Пугачёва)
Language: Russian

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