Australian PM visits troops in Afghanistan

  • 12 years ago

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard made a secret visit to Afghanistan on Sunday (October 14) on her way to India. Gillard visited Australian troops, and met with military commanders, as well as Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

Australian troops based in Tarin Kowt Province were taken by surprise by Gillard's unexpected arrival. Gillard laughed and joked with soldiers, and thanked them for their difficult mission in Afghanistan.

"The really big things you confront, including the loss of some of your mates, and you've had to confront that over the recent period, including losses that have involved insider attacks, so difficult emotionally and in every way" she said.

It was Gillard's third trip to Afghanistan. On Monday she is due to arrive in New Delhi, India, for talks about the sale of Australian uranium to India.