Astronomers Witness Merger of 2 Black Holes From the 'Cosmic Dawn'

  • 2 months ago
Astronomers Witness , Merger of 2 Black Holes, From the 'Cosmic Dawn'.
'The Independent' reports that NASA's
Webb Space Telescope has made the most
distant detection of merging black holes. .
Two gigantic black holes and the galaxies that they stood
at the center of merged together just 740 million years
after the universe was formed in the Big Bang.
One of the black holes is a staggering 50 million
times larger than our Sun, and the other
is believed to be a similar gigantic size. .
Astronomers have long wondered how supermassive black holes are so big. .
Lead author Hannah Ubler of the University of Cambridge
says the findings suggest that mergers like this ancient
example show how black holes are able to grow so rapidly.
According to Ubler, the latest Webb
discovery also suggests that black holes
have been merging since the "cosmic dawn.".
Massive black holes
have been shaping
the evolution of galaxies
from the very beginning, Hannah Ubler, lead author from the University
of Cambridge, via 'The Independent'.
In 2021, NASA launched Webb, intended
to replace the Hubble Space Telescope.
Webb is the largest and most powerful
observatory ever launched into space. .
The joint U.S.-European project surveys
the universe from a vantage point located
about 1 million miles away from Earth.