Tips for Establishing a Daily Meditation Practice

  • 21 days ago
Tips for Establishing a Daily , Meditation Practice.
Research has shown that daily meditation can
reduce anxiety, improve health and boost social
connections, along with a number of other benefits. .
Associated Press reports that misconceptions,
combined with the busy lives people lead,
may cause many beginners to give up. .
However, experts say that getting over that initial
barrier may come down to throwing away
common misconceptions about meditation. .
Many people may feel that they're
"doing it wrong" or unable to slow
their thoughts and calm their mind. .
It’s not about stopping thoughts.
The mind generates thoughts
the way body creates enzymes.
It’s about being able to get larger
than the thoughts and witness them, Tara Brach, meditation teacher, via Associated Press.
Tara Brach, who holds a doctorate in psychology
and has trained more than 7,000 people to be meditation
teachers, says there is no single correct way to meditate.
The key to meditation is relaxing and
focusing on the present moment. .
Distractions are inevitable, and the way to get past
them is by acknowledging the thought or urge to move
and bringing your attention back to the moment. .
Remember that there is no set time limit for
meditation, so even if you can only meditate for a few
minutes a day, the key is establishing a daily practice. .
AP reports that research suggests that,
similar to exercise, the full benefit of meditation
comes from a consistent daily practice.