Why Does Your Cat Always Follow You Around?

  • 2 months ago
Why Does Your Cat, Always Follow, You Around?.
Why Does Your Cat, Always Follow, You Around?.
Kitty cats like to follow
their people around,
it can be a lot.
So your cat is a little clingy, here's why.
They think you're their parent:.
Cats might follow their people
around much as a kitten
would their mother.
Kittens depend greatly on their mother for food and safety.
Simarlily adult cats depend on
their owners, so enjoy
your role as a cat parent!.
They want food:.
Kitty on your heels? Check the time, they're probably just hungry.
...cats can follow us because they have an agenda - to lead us
to the food bowl,
for instance. , Dr. Sabrina Kong, veterinarian Lathrop Veterinary Center, via the Dodo.
They are bored:.
Your kitty cat might be tailing
you because they're bored. .
It's important to give your pets proper
ways to entertain themselves.
Your cat may just need
an exciting outlet to
play and explore. , Dorothea Hudson, cat behavior expert PetInsuranceU.com, via the Dodo.
They want to hang out:.
Your favorite feline may
want to hang out a little. .
This is especially true for cats that
don't share a house with other pets