How to Keep From Lashing Out When You're Depressed

  • 3 months ago
How to Keep From Lashing Out , When You're Depressed.
Experts say those who feel depressed or anxious may be more likely to lash out in anger, CNN reports. .
Though it's difficult to quell pain from morphing into anger, here are a few ways
to respond better in trying moments.
Kindhearted humans are prone to feeling ashamed about hurting the ones they love.
To better understand yourself as you embark on behavioral changes, ask yourself how your anger has affected the people in your life.
Also, check in with yourself. How do you feel after losing your cool? Are these behaviors consistent with who you want to be?.
Identify Triggers.
Take inventory if you lash out. Do you feel more prone to anger at the end of the day? Maybe when you're tired or hungry?.
If you feel trapped when discussing such topics at home with your partner, try taking
a walk and having that conversation.
Experts say anger is often a secondary emotion that may hide primary ones.
Avoid lashing out. Instead, try identifying
if anxiety, regret, pain or depression
are at the root of your rage.
Fight Your Urge .
Experts say physically kicking or smashing something will neither lower your anger nor decrease the likelihood of lashing out.
Instead, gentle and kind behavior
may be the way to quiet your rage.
Recognize what feels natural when you're angry, and then do the opposite